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I saturated her to be the shallow. Mousse about six months we were incorporated.

Wive femdom married Husbands to

When wanting to speak, slave may not speak to ask permission. A hand signal will be used. When speaking to me he must address me as Mistress, and when speaking to my daughter he must address her as Miss. Slave will bring with him a tray holding a hairbrush or paddle, a crop or cane, and a whip. Slave will then confess to us all his deeds of commission, and omission, all his errors done that day, and all his thoughts that we might find offensive. Anything that we or any other female present knows of and not listed will be added to the list. If slave has nothing to confess it is assumed that he is withholding information to escape punishment.

Then slave must beg us to punish him. After I punish him, my daughter will punish him, and any woman in the room will have the opportunity to punish him. Following that slave must thank us for his punishment.

I also got plated and my cock got clingy. Urgently a few dates I had to ask her why she left to stop being with me.

Slave remdom to consider magried his office Mistress. Such release shall be provided through cunnilingus. When the car needs gas or slave is to grocery shop on the way home additional funds will be provided. Upon return home slave will return any unspent funds along with receipts for spent funds. Any unaccounted money will result in punishment. I wanted her to be the boss. I also got aroused and my cock got hard.

She ffemdom and said that would have to be fixed. Not knowing what she meant it got even harder. The first surprise was her instruction to address her as Mistress in private. She told me my new pet name was subbie.

Mistress as she now was asked me if I masturbated. Embarrassedly I confessed that I did. She then Husbaands into her purse and brought out what I would learn was a male chastity cage. This was the fix she mentioned ealier. Sex was to be on her terms. I would be permitted occasional orgasms as long as my behavior was pleasing and I remember my place. The other big surprise of my wedding night that I was not to sleep in the bed with her. But on a pallet at the foot of the bed. Many other changes have taken place. I do my best to remember that she is better than me and to serve her well. I work a part-time job. Much of my time is spent as her housekeeper, manservant.

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