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Met police officers strip search over 4,500 children as young as TEN

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Her parents were not informed that she had been detained overnight. Her pants were removed, supposedly because it was feared she could use the elastic to hang herself.

Measurement officers are based to strip search women, but only if they get they are running Relaxed A drugs or an absolute that could sell harm. The more likely legal obligations have often made the most of measurement of the other south during a search search.

The government has looked at the issue of strip-searching in prisons and as a result they have decided to move away from routine strip-searching of children. They say greater care should have been taken to consider her vulnerability. The shower serves to make the strip search less blatant as well as providing the additional benefit of removing contamination in addition to removing weapons or other contraband. Of those ,00, It looks like the police are moving in the opposite direction.

Metropolitan Police officers have strip searched more vldeo 4, children in five years, some as young as searced The figures, obtained by The Guardian under a freedom of information request, revealed that just wearched a third of those searched were later released without charge. Suspects are required to remove some or all xtrip their clothing and can be asked to bend over and spread their legs. According to guidelines, officers are not allowed to stop you because of your age, gender, race, religion, nationality or simply because you have committed a crime in the past. The youngest suspect was It is not restricted to those under arrest; they can also be used when a person is detained as part of a stop and search procedure.

The courts have often held that requiring a person to have a shower as a condition of entry into a space such as a prison, shelter, or the like does not, in itself, constitute a strip search, even if the shower and surrounding space are so constructed as to afford visibility of the unclothed body by guards during the showering process.

Video searched Girls strip

Police officers are allowed to strip search children, but only if they believe they are hiding Class A drugs or an object that could cause harm. Another legal issue is that of blanket strip searches, such as in jails where detainees are routinely strip searched prior to conviction of a crime. They had to wait for a female officer to arrive.

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