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10 South Asian Baby Names That Sound Beautiful

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The Vietnamese compensate by using as many given names as there are words in the language.

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We, with our anmee number of family names, can afford to give our children, over and over, the familiar twenty or thirty given names. This article, of course, speaks of the practices of Asians, not of Asian Americans. They give the family name first, and the two names which follow are, as in Chinese, actually a single two syllable given name. But this does not necessarily mean they cannot be used today. Their culture is diverse, something that is reflected in their daily lives from eating to dressing and worship. His name, Kong, has had two honorific titles signifing "master" added to it. The Chinese follow this logic.

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Most parents would therefore use these names for their daughters with expectations that the traits will manifest in their lives. If Miss Huang Xiaoyan marries Mr. Aside from that generalization, Asian naming systems are far more different from each other than European systems are from each other. Popular Spanish male names with meanings Female names in Asian countries Female names in Asian countries often portray positive traits.

Asisn When single names like this are given, assume they are family names, not first names, as would more likely be the case in America. The Hmong are a special case, a preliterate hill tribe. A Vietnamese list of names, in the old country, would, of necessity, not start with the last name half would be Nguyen but with the first one.

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