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Judge reveals name of ringleader of street gang who raped girl, 11, in McDonald's toilet

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On the final occasion in March she was cornered by three boys in the McDonalds lavatory in East Ham, where one of them raped her. The first attack on the year-old was at Central Park in Canning Town, East London where the ringleader and another boy started asking her about sex and then both raped her The horrific details of the gang attacks were heard by a jury at Inner London Crown Court before the verdicts were given The leader, now 15, was convicted of two rapes following a trial.

He claimed he was playing football at the time but jurors rejected his story. Very young girlst gang bang second boy, now 16, earlier admitted raping the girl in the McDonald's cubicle when he was aged The pair, who cannot be named for legal reasons, will be sentenced by Judge Patricia Lees this afternoon. Elizabeth Smaller, prosecuting, said: She said to him 'don't touch me' but he turned her round and she ended up in a corner. This was followed by bullying, with the boys calling and texting her not to tell anyone what had happened, the court heard.

People had begun to judge her. Accordingly, the police moved to arrest Tsai yesterday afternoon on charges of undermining public morality by orchestrating the "ridiculous" sex party. The police will determine whether Tsai should face criminal charges for organizing such a party, and will also check to see if Tsai and other members have attempted to collude. On Sunday afternoon, Tsai reportedly met the six members at a parking lot near Ximending, and told them that he would reveal the whole story to the police. After sighting news photographers, Tsai and the six members dispersed, and then two members turned themselves in to the police, confessing that they did have sex with the young lady in a "harmonious atmosphere.

When a woman, centimeters tall and weighing 50 kilograms, showed up in the train carriage, the male members were at loss for what to do. Then Tsai took the initiative to show them how to flirt with her, causing other members to follow suit. Men boast of their conquests around the bar, but no serious male journalist would ever write about his affairs in such detail. But a young woman journalist willing to write about having sex in war zones -- that's another story. Though Kogan's coming-of-age in journalism is far from unique, her story is, by the double standards of today's publishing world, "interesting.

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She does it even more -- with yoyng photographers who, she winks, also led gnag to stories and allowed her to tag along on their assignments. For all Vfry romantic overlay she gives her story, Kogan ylung it clear that she screwed strategically. Or something like that. Toung, who left photojournalism for TV news inand gany left journalism altogether in to become a full-time mom, is not, Very young girlst gang bang to the media buzz around the book, some kind igrlst neo-fem heroine to women journalists. If anything, "Shutterbabe" only reinforces the myth that women have worked hard to dispel: Women have fought long and hard to be considered valuable in the foreign arena.

Then again, her lack of preliminary research is often astounding. At one point, Kogan is sent to cover the anti-poaching battle in Zimbabwe's Zambezi River Valley, and arrives -- having fought off the advances of her one African source, whose help, I assume, she'd counted on -- without a tent, a map, a compass or any idea where the war was being fought. But no matter what assignment she's describing, her concerns always center on what being a woman has meant to her. She is condescended to, called "little girl" she's 5-foot-2 and often dismissed by her male colleagues; she's nearly raped by one of her lovers, slapped and called a "slut" by another.

But rather than using these moments in her book to explore the broader issues of sexism, she reverts to solipsistic "victim" flashbacks: It's true that being a woman in the boys club means rarely having the luxury of leaving your gender behind. This doesn't mean inwardly freaking out, as Kogan does, when your box of tampons is inadvertently squashed by an AKtoting guerrilla as you barrel across the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan. It means ignoring, or brushing off, the random, and unwelcome, erection rubbing against your back while you're trying to work; trying to control your anger over the lack of access or freedom of movement women have throughout much of the Arab world; dealing calmly with the disrespect women often receive from men in professional situations in most of rural Africa, as well as parts of Asia, Latin America and just about everywhere else.

Her series were simply Vegy when they did of her lincoln in the sex dating. This is an atlas and is so proud corrupt it is important.

Women journalists are shut out of the gan of ganh all the time. In some corners joung the globe, we'd have better luck throwing ourselves against a brick wall than interviewing or photographing a powerful man without male escorts. I've weathered several interviews with African leaders whose answers to my questions were directed not to me but to the male photographer I happened to be working with. Women might call the shots as producers or lead reporters, even speak the local language fluently, but nevertheless, the negotiations -- for access, travel, interviews, even food -- are done by the men on their team.

How do women function professionally in this environment? It's frustrating, but they manage, and not usually by flirting or its converse, casting oneself as the victim, as Kogan so often does. Negotiating in these circumstances takes savvy, a basic understanding of other cultures and a sense of humor.

It also means using your femininity, but not exploiting it, which is a giglst fine line. My source, his wife and I just laughed, but I think many who covered the war still believe I slept my way into the story. We all romance our sources in some way -- men do it at least as much as women, though they might refer to it as "schmoozing. Sometimes it's because they aren't invited; more often it's because we worry about the impression it might make were we to join in.

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