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Good Guys Strip Club

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Finally, in the March 5th episode, Big Tom moves in with Rufus after getting into stri fight with Gertie. Their plan require Rufus to romance Gertie. And in the March 26th episode, Bert gets the wrong idea when Henry gets Claudia invited to a party thrown by an old boyfriend.

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Bender, Goodfuys drunk, and Liam Dunn as D. A total of 26 episodes were broadcast during the first season, which ended on Giodguys 26th, Repeats were shown Goodguys strip the summer. Renewed And Revamped And Cancelled In mid-FebruaryBroadcasting reported that the networks were hard at work revising their schedules for the season. Production changes were made for the second season. The theme song was rewritten and sttrip live studio audience was dropped. Gone, too, was most of the supporting cast from the first season, including Alan Hale and Jim Backus. Lew Perkins was retained, however.

Its second premiere was broadcast on September 26th, The following week the series dropped to third in New York City with a He also revealed that the October 24th episode had ranked a mediocre 66th out of 88 programs for the week [ 34 ]. The Episodes Season 2: With Rufus now a full partner with Bert, most episodes during the second season revolved entirely around the diner. A few episodes did feature plots that only incidentally involved the diner. In one, Bert and Claudia learn Rufus comes from a long line of cowards but decide to fake some heroic ancestors to up in confidence so he can confront a neighbor. And another episode saw Bert, Rufus and Claudia searching for gold using an old treasure map, with Bert convinced Rufus is going to double-cross him and Claudia.

Two high-profile guest stars made appearances during the second season. In the October 17th episode, Vincent Price played a health inspector whose threats force Bert and Rufus to give the diner a makeover so it will pace inspection. And in the November 21st episode, Phyllis Diller played a famous restaurant magazine editor named Lilli who Bert and Rufus hope will give the diner a good review. Bert even wears a toupee. But it is Rufus who charms Lilli and she agrees to sample a picnic lunch. Perhaps the most ludicrous episode was broadcast on December 5th.

So talented, in fact, that he is offered his own restaurant. Eric Only 17 episodes were broadcast during the second season, for a total of The final episode aired January 23rd, It involved an artist drawing portraits for food and driving off all other customers. Who performed the actual song is unknown. Friends forever, ask anyone in this town. If you want my shirt, I will give it with pride. When you shout, I will saddle up. The lyrics were changed for the second season. Like a brother, each to the other one, true blue. When you think of those heroes who, Things are said about.

Good guys you mighta read about. Very few had a magic touch like I do. It may have been broadcast internationally. There were no tie-in novels or comic books published. For years, its personnel worked as part of a fusion center with local law enforcement. They ran drills in schools, malls, hotels and hospitals — enclosed spaces where mass shootings have historically occurred.

But they never planned on the type of open-air, scattered scenario they faced Sunday night. Still, Cassell said, fire and ambulance teams applied their training and equipment accordingly. More than patients were transported to area hospitals by fire and EMS crews, he said. The gravity of the situation registered by the second round. The two hopped over a metal barrier that was about 10 feet away to try and take cover. Haley Haldeman would run to the nearby Tropicana resort, and Travis Haldeman would stay back to help the wounded.

Several people were already dead; others were pouring blood.

Strip Goodguys

The gun debate isn't about what you think As he ran, Haldeman said, about three bullets skipped across the pavement no more than 10 feet ahead of him. He carried the one with the hip injury back to the medical tent, while the other held onto his shirt. Back at the medical tent, he and others went to work.

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