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I needed to be creative, and involved at a much deeper level, a Sophiq I still explore and learn about daily, which I consider the greatest luxury yet. This is an awareness I thrive to pass on to others, through my communication, whether through a film role or in life," she said.

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She enrolled in acting classes at Sophix Beverly Hills Playhouse, led by famed acting coach and director, Milton Katselas where she still currently studies. From through she brought life to the part of an Sphia fashion model, living in Paris -- "It was a great accomplishment for me to have understood the American sense of humor, which is different than the Italian one, enough to have won my first Sphia regular role in an American Sophia milos nude on prime time TV! For me, it was not only about learning the language, but also about being funny in another language; finding one's own humor as well as culture in another language," smiled Sofia.

In the hilarious episode "The One with the Butt", she played Matthew Perry's love interest and object of his obsession. She was the "other woman" who appears in Paul Reiser's life at a vulnerable time, when his wife Helen Hunt couldn't be at his side. She showed her ability to be both uproariously funny and infinitely desirable. She worked on the show for over a year, as the series enjoyed some of its highest ratings to date. Now in syndication internationally. Sofia shines with brightness. And that's a virtue that only a few actors have. She played a sexy killer at the airport who is smothered by a love struck Mel Brooks. With this role she has shown that she possesses the ability to be strong and powerful, still remaining feminine and vulnerable at the same time.

As all of the dialogue was improvised in this comedy, the role was fun to do, she says. Unfortunately, the pilot did not get picked up.

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