Breast cancer stage treatments

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Stages 0 & 1

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The stage extent of your Bteast cancer is an important factor in making decisions about your treatment. Many women also get some kind of drug therapy. In general, the more the breast cancer has spread, the more treatment you will likely need. But your treatment options are affected by your personal preferences and other information about your breast cancer, such as: If the cancer cells contain hormone receptors that is, if the cancer is ER-positive or PR-positive If the cancer cells have large amounts of the HER2 protein that is, if the cancer is HER2-positive How fast the cancer is growing measured by grade or Breaat Your overall health Brfast you have gone through menopause or not Talk with your doctor about how these factors can affect your treatment options.

What type of drug treatment s might I get? Most women with breast cancer in stages I to III will get some kind of drug therapy as part of their treatment. Treating stage I breast cancer These breast cancers are still relatively small and either have not spread to the lymph nodes or have spread to only a tiny area in the sentinel lymph node the first lymph node to which cancer is likely to spread. Surgery Surgery is the main treatment for stage I breast cancer. These cancers can be treated with either breast-conserving surgery BCS; sometimes called lumpectomy or partial mastectomy or mastectomy. In some cases, breast reconstruction can be done at the same time as the surgery to remove the cancer.

But if you will need radiation therapy after surgery, it is better to wait to get reconstruction until after the radiation is complete. The stage of cancer indicates the size of the tumor of abnormal cells and whether or not those cells are contained to the place of origin. The most common type of breast cancer is ductal carcinoma in situ DCISindicating the cancer cell growth starts in the milk ducts.

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Stage 0 breast cancer,ductal carcinoma in situ DCIS is a non-invasive cancer tratments abnormal cells have been found in the lining of the breast milk duct. In Stage 0 breast cancer, the atypical cells have not spread outside of the ducts or Brast into the surrounding breast tissue. Lobular carcinoma in situ at Stage 0 generally is not considered cancer. Patients with intermediate scores of 7, 8, or 9 may be considered for treatment with radiation therapy or for re-excision if previous surgical margin width is less than 10 mm, provided that a re-excision is cosmetically feasible.

Patients with DCIS and VNPI scores of 10, 11, or 12 have been shown to exhibit high local recurrence rates, regardless of radiation therapy, and may be considered for mastectomy. Breast cancer treatment is always individually tailored to each specific case and the treatment suggestions outlined above are research-based guidelines only. Is VNPI on the test?

Patients treatment early-stage breast treahments may undergo primary breast surgery lumpectomy or mastectomy and regional lymph node excision with or without radiation therapy RT. Adjuvant systemic therapy may be offered, following definitive local treatment, and is based on the characteristics of the primary breast cancer, such as Brest size, grade, number of involved lymph nodes, the status of estrogen ER and progesterone PR receptors, and expression of the HER2 receptor. It has replaced radical mastectomy as the preferred treatment in early stage breast cancer. The aim of BCT is to give the patient the survival equivalent of a mastectomy but to provide a better cosmetic result.

Successful BCT requires a complete surgical excision of the breast cancer with negative excision margins, followed by moderate-dose, local radiotherapy RT to eradicate any residual tumor. Factors that may exclude patients from BCT include: A large breast tumor in relation to breast size.

Cancer stage treatments Breast

A previous history of thoracic radiotherapy. The use of neo-adjuvant therapy may be considered in women who are unsuitable for BCT. It must be such a difficult decision to have to choose between having a breast lump removed or a mastectomy. I know Jessica, but sadly a very personal decision that far too many women still have to face.

Stage IV metastatic breast cancer Stage IV cancers have spread beyond the breast and nearby lymph nodes to other parts of the body. Treatment for stage IV breast cancer is usually a systemic drug therapy. Treatment for IBC can tdeatments chemo or other systemic therapies, local therapies such as radiation, and surgery. Recurrent breast cancer Cancer is called cacner when it comes back Breadt treatment. Oral medications such as tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors may be prescribed for five or more years. Stage 3 Stage 3A breast camcer means that the caancer has spread Breasy 4 to 9 axillary armpit lymph nodes or has enlarged the internal mammary lymph nodes.

The primary tumor may be any size. It can also mean the tumor is bigger than 5 centimeters and small groups of cancer cells are found in the lymph nodes. Finally, stage 3A can also include tumors greater than 5 centimeters with involvement of 1 to 3 axillary lymph nodes or any breastbone nodes. Stage 3B means a breast tumor has invaded the chest wall or skin and may or may not have invaded up to 9 lymph nodes. Stage 3C means cancer is found in 10 or more axillary lymph nodes, lymph nodes near the collarbone, or internal mammary nodes. Symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer IBC are different from other types of breast cancer.

By definition, IBC is diagnosed at stage 3B or above. Treatment Treatments for stage 3 breast cancers are similar to those for stage 2. If you have a large primary tumor, your doctor may recommend chemotherapy to shrink it before surgery. Radiation therapy will probably be needed before reconstruction can begin. Hormone therapy and other targeted therapies will be prescribed if needed.

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