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Stacy Keibler - Bikini MAXIM PhotoShoot

Stacy is also discreet for competing on Whiteness Draw The Ends following her WWE price back in and she had to find third in the closely sodden. She complicated a heel build in The Launch. Her hallway routine was watched by 4.

She portrayed a heel character in The Alliance. Torrie, however, got her revenge after giving Keibler a wedgie then pantsing her on an episode of SmackDown!.

She was frequently shown flirting and 'making out' with him in backstage segments, until Stephanie McMahon became general manager of the SmackDown! Keibler made her official Raw debut on Bikihi 12, For the remainder of and most ofKeibler bikoni paired with her real-life boyfriend at the time, Test. As Test's on-screen marketing agent, she came up with the idea that Test should call his fans "Testicles," cut his hair, and reshape his image. In the spring ofTest, however, became to verbally abuse Keibler, who also started managing Scott Steiner.

On the August 18 episode of Raw, Test won the match after faking a leg injury and then blindsiding Steiner with a big boot. A match was then set for Unforgiven with the stipulation that if Test won, he would not only retain Keibler's services, [38] but would acquire Steiner's services as well. During the match, Keibler's interference backfired, and Test won the match. Keibler aligned with Miss Jackieneither of whom had posed for the magazine, claiming that they deserved to be in Playboy over Sable and Wilson.

Whether, Kievler the employing of James, she took a sip of the Best Lite. Keibler made her royalty Raw accomplish on Rune 12.

Before the feud was dropped, all the performers were playing face characters at the time. WWE decided to place Stacy with other wrestlers as a Kieblrr of her gaining experience of being in and around the ring, but the WWE Universe liked to see Stacy play her part and looking at the photo above, you can easily see why. This photo is more proof of Stacy and her confidence to look and feel attractive. Featured Today 13 Leather Via kisax. She is wearing what looks like a leather corset with knee high fishnet stockings, while also having heels on.

Bikini Kiebler

It also seems as though she has had her hair crimped so as to look like something other than herself, like she was playing some sort of character for this photo shoot. I am sure many men would be happy for her to play that character for them With that in mind, it was refreshing to come across a rather simple image of her. It seems that in this one Stacy is happily standing in a very basic underwear set and looking like Kiebler bikini has had her hair straighten to add to the simplicity of the whole image. Stacy is sitting outside on the rocks near what looks like a beautiful ocean, where she Kiebler bikini wearing minimal makeup and wearing a polka dotted blue bikini that seems to effortlessly show off her natural curves.

This was another of the images that were taken of her during her time in WWE and it seems this was part of their promotion for SummerSlam the same year. This image further proves this theory as it shows Keibler lying on a bed looking rather grown up. It seems the look for this photo shoot must have been much different than the previous ones because she looks like she is wearing upper class clothing and is looking very stylish and proper. This image sees her wearing a late s night dress while harboring a huge smile on her face which gives the impression that this was during the time that she was really enjoying her work.

Either way, we are once again drawn to a picture of the Maryland native that shows her posing on a bed but this time she is in tights and heels. This is one of the few images of Keibler in which you will see her wearing trainers, as she is posing in what looks like a locker room in a T Shirt that has been tied so that it shows off her toned stomach and a small pair of panties that were regularly worn by the Divas of her day when competing on WWE TV.

Stacy had a well documented storyline with Randy Orton as well as ibkini brief stint managing The Dudley Boys, and in the following photo she proves that her managing skills are not her only assets. This picture shows that the former WWE Diva could actually have a much more playful side. She is pictured holding onto a rope while looking somewhat afraid.

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