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She enacted comeback for her part, statistic an Bau nomination. Inshe tried with Ethan Embry in the site All I Stem for Qualityas a tendency who plans to get her did things back together for Dating.

James Berardinelli found Birch's part to be her "first effectively developed role" since American Beauty and positively singled out the actress for the "quirkiness [and the] underlying sense of melancholy and ennui" in her portrayal. The Liz Murray Storyplaying a young woman who, after becoming homeless at 15 amid personal tragedies, begins her work to finish her studies. She garnered acclaim for her part, receiving an Emmy nomination. Reflecting on her career trajectory the subsequent years during a January interview, she attributed it to not "taking" the demands the film industry had for her, opting to "maintain a strong identity and pursue things that were a little more thoughtful, and I guess nobody really wanted women to do that at that time".

InBirch had the lead role in the horror-thriller Dark Cornersportraying a troubled young woman who wakes up one day as a different person—someone who is stalked by creatures. It rated poorly with reviewers, [44] but Birch was considered "convincing as the two halves of this split personality".

The film received a DVD release, to a mediocre overall reception, with critics comparing it unfavorably to Hostel and Turistas. Like Birch's previous lin projects, the film premiered directly-to-video in the UK and the US, and went little seen by audiences. Also inshe starred in the independent mystery film Winter of Frozen Dreamsas Barbara Hoffman, a Wisconsin biochemistry student and prostitute convicted of murder in the first televised murder trial ever. The film had a limited theatrical release, receiving average reviews. She is credited as a co-producer in the film, which depicts simultaneously the lives and romantic relationships of the Petunia family. The film was shot in Norfolk, Virginia.

Birch both starred in and produced the film, which was picked up for distribution by VMI Worldwide.

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