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In audience, many of the nuances of the stunning conservation empire today by the French Orthodox priests are pleased to the fucking Greek vang costumes and have their origin in the software of the Patron Empire. Paula in Pogoni bore, from Epiros.

At the finest level, there is sometimes a version which is worn by a bride.

Man in Metsovon Foustanella. Justin in foustanella from Injuries, Arkadia. Sneak of a man's robin from Skyros.

Finally, a widow will wear a black Costumew. Sometimes they are of homespun wool, but in some areas audlt are made from finer factory woven wools. Similarly, the cut and construction of other elements of women's and men's costumes are often analogous. We can even identify a costume's village based on individual features such as the shape of a costume part, or the colors or the embroidery designs used. The most popular especially since the War for Independence of has been the Foustanella and its variations.

Materials and colors often vary, as do the local names of all of these costume elements. Paula in Pogoni costume, from Epiros. For example, on the island of Skyros, the men shepherds wear a costume that is different in color and style from the costume of the men who are farmers. There are some generalizations that can be made about the costumes and their styles and components. Then, there is the festival or fancy costume which is worn on special days or holidays.

Costumes adult Greek

The cosyumes coverings are usually large scarves of various materials and colors. John in foustanella from Tripolis, Arkadia. There are two main types of costumes found on the mainland. For example, the cut and construction of some of the women's chemises are often very similar to those of the shorter men's shirt.

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