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In a person with normal bladder control: In some people with enuresis, too many muscle spasms can prevent the bladder from holding a normal amount of pee. Some teens may sleep so deeply that they don't wake up when they need to pee.

It expands gets bigger as pee enters and then contracts gets smaller to push the pee out. Using caffeine causes a person to pee more. Doctors don't know exactly why, but more than twice as many guys as girls have enuresis. It can take many weeks for the body to unlearn something it's been doing for years. Sometimes doctors treat enuresis with medicine. In these tests, urine is examined for signs of disease.

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Scientists have identified specific genes that cause enuresis. It may help to avoid eating foods that can irritate the bladder. Doctors can do several things to treat bedwetting, depending on what's causing it. Eventually, you can train yourself to get up before the alarm goes off or to hold your urine until morning. But they think that these things may play a role: Most of us think of bedwetting as something that happens with little kids.

The key to bedwetting alarms is waking up quickly — the sooner a person wakes up, the more effective the behavior modification for telling teeen brain to wake up or send the bladder signals to hold the pee until the morning. The brain then sends a message back to the bladder to keep it from automatically emptying until the person is ready to go to the bathroom. But this problem affects about 1—2 out of every teens. You can reduce the chances that you'll wet the bed by going to the toilet just before bedtime.

Pee Why teen girls

People with nocturnal enuresis ten take some basic teenn to prevent an overly full bladder, such as decreasing the amount of fluids they drink before going to bed. If you're worried about enuresis, the best thing to do is talk to your doctor for ideas on how to cope with it. The doctor will do an exam, and ask you about any concerns and symptoms you have, your past health, your family's health, any medicines you're taking, any allergies you may have, and other issues.

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