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This extramarital around they've been cost to a trio-tech loose asshole flattering a Cuban pedestal hello Jordi Molla who's desirable huge shipments of the inner drug Use by sea. Those last would be the bad persons themselves, Miami detectives Mike Lowrey Wendell Smith and Marcus Burnett Salute Lawrenceplatform compromise with each other, while texas hurtling vehicles.

It is also more of the same. Bad Boys II Director: The cars coming off are all real. It's physical, it's real, it's very dangerous.

Thus, the lead takes the expiration of a musical, naled good scenes only serving to move you from one sex site to another. In almost every way, Bad Motives II is larger, stranger, and longer than the traditional.

These last would be the bad boys themselves, Miami detectives Mike Lowrey Will Smith and Marcus Burnett Martin Lawrencecracking wise with each other, while dodging hurtling vehicles. The director, who went on Bad boys 2 naked make Pearl Harbor, following the first Bay Boys, is clearly back in his element. In almost every way, Bad Boys II is larger, louder, and longer than the original. You might call it the perfect sequel, if you didn't mind the lack of imagination that such a description presumes. They make good fun of their precious, mutual homoerotic charge, Marcus makes faces, and Mike works his superstud mojo.

Not a surprise in sight. Reportedly, this "long awaited" sequel was slow off the blocks because the original's players have in the meantime become major movie stars. At the time of Bad Boys's release, no one expected two black tv actors to carry a Hollywood buddy film, and Bay was a commercial director just breaking into movies. The nonstop deluge of action and hilarity worked: Bad Boys made much money and the principals' movie careers were launched. Unsurprisingly, no one was much interested in altering the successful formula.

Marcus remains the nervous nelly as action hero, explaining to the new department shrink that he's rally not "angry" that Mike is such an egotistical hotshot and has literally, if accidentally, shot him in the ass; Mike, meantime, remains the ladies man, serviced by his younger and prettier shrink, and so earning an A in whatever passes for fit-for-duty grades in the Miami-Dade PD's Narcotics Division. As if all this isn't mirthful enough, Marcus is also trying to calm himself by chanting: Wooo-sa," he exhales, frequently.

The film starts with an appropriately spectacular set piece. As head of TNT Tactical Narcotics TeamHenry Rollins dons night vision goggles and barks orders to his bosy awaiting, while Mike and Marcus crash a local Klan's cross burning, emerging from beneath their "undercover" white hoods with huge guns drawn and low angle Bad boys 2 naked circling. The boys stumble through the lyrics of the infamous Cops Ba song, engage in some n-word-laced banter, then realize that the TNT won't be coming through as planned. They just have to shoot and explode a whole passel of Klansmen, who slobber and curse according to their type. To counter these Caucasian cretins, the film offers the middle class black family: A woman's head raises up from a man's lap and it is suggested that she has been performing oral sex; she then kisses and nuzzles his neck.

Two scantily-clad women approach a truck and the driver reaches out to touch one of them as they flirt. A man begins to untie a bow on the front of a woman's dress and they kiss. A man and a woman kiss, and a woman jumps into a man's arms and they kiss briefly. People place pills on each other's tongues seductively, and some kiss. Two rats are shown having sex and we hear rhythmic squeaking. Two men talk about a man's inability to have sex and it is misconstrued by people listening as a homosexual situation.

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A man looks under the towel wrapped around his waist and remarks about his arousal. Two women dance suggestively on a man's desk while he watches. A man waggles his tongue at a woman. A man pulls the sides of his tank T-shirt together to reveal his nipples while posing next to a statue. Nude corpses are shown: Many women are shown in bikinis in a beach scene: People dance in a night club and the women wear skimpy outfits revealing cleavage, bare shoulders, bare abdomens, bare legs and a bit of buttocks under short shorts. Women wear low-cut and short outfits that reveal cleavage and bare legs.

Men are shown bare-chested in a few scenes. A dismembered finger is found near a sink that is smeared with blood. We see many corpses in a truck, they flop around as the truck drives fast during a chase, some of the bodies come out of their plastic wrapping and we see their blue tinged skin and autopsy scars; some of the bodies fall out of the truck, and land on a car following or are run over by the car one body's head pops off and rolls along a street. A remote-controlled car blows up in the middle of a group of men who are thrown into the air we see bodies with missing limbs and bloody stumps. Many dead bodies on tables are shown in a mortuary: Two men in a house shoot back and forth with several other men: A man is shot in the head and blood splatters on the man standing behind him.

A man in a car is shot in the head blood sprays on the passengerthe woman in the car with him shoots the man who shot him, drives boyd car with another man hanging on the door, kicks him off the door the man lands hard on a glass enclosure and races off in the car. A shootout in a street has many bullets fired with voys, trees and people hit innocent bystanders run screaming and lie on ground while bullets whiz by. A man is killed when a mine explodes, and a man is shot in the head, falls back on the ground and is blown in half when he falls on mine we see his dismembered body parts tumble on the ground. A shootout has police and men shooting back and forth and many are hit: A grenade is launched into a house, it explodes and many shots are fired hitting many men we see blood spurting and bodies jerk when they are hitcausing a lot of property damage glass shatters, scaffolding collapses and large explosions.

Two men in a car are shot at, they swerve and crash into a bank where people run and scream, and a shootout begins.

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