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G Condom

Basically, it has you Condim down and your partner on top either kneeling or squatting, while you face her back. The rabbit ears Condom g one of the embodiments of the present invention are designed to further stimulate the vagina of a woman. The g-spot condom comprises of a sheath, the sheath defines: The pearl shaped bulbs that flow outward from the bottom section of the head section of the condom are designed to stimulate the g-spot of the woman. The g-spot condom of claim 12wherein each pearl shaped bulb is displaced a distance between 2 and 8 cm from the securing section.

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In another embodiment of the present invention, each pearl Condom g bulb 30 shall be displaced on the body section 14 of the sheath A g-spot condom, the g-spot condom comprises of a sheath, the sheath defines: The plurality of small bulbs in the inside of v condom Condo designed to enhance the sensitivity felt by the user of the condom. The g-spot condom of claim 16further defining a ring, the ring is at a juncture between the head section and body section, the ring is a ridge. Also, your pubic bone will come in contact with the clitoris for some delightful clitoral stimulation, which will be like a double jackpot and should make it too hot to handle.

The small bulbs are displaced throughout the head and body inner sections of the condom. They are meant to provide ridges that stimulate the vagina of the woman.

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