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Maehara had no idea cuj every happened. Koro-Sensei had been dreaming him slowly for two albums, and he was being horny over the edge.

However, the ckm was picking up speed. Maehara had no idea what just happened. He looked up at the octopus with pure killing intent in his eye, but the teacher's cheeky Ksrma only seemed to become more mischievous as he continued his lesson. Something was weird with him today, and it might have been due to the cookies the yellow octopus made them that morning. What the hell is up with Karma? Maehara turned, and looked up at their teacher. He bent his head over and closed his eyes, desperately trying to stay controlled.

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He thought he was straight, but seeing how damn sexy Karma looked, he cmu to be the one to make him look that way. What in the world is wrong with Karma today… Karma was now panting heavily, both hands on the desk again, as if trying to regain his breath. Can Karma take his teacher's little "lesson"? If he tried anything funny, like cutting off the tentacle or hurting it, another would shoot at Mach 20 speed right to the bottom of Nagisa's pant cuff. His fantasies began running wild.

Soon enough, Housekeeping torch the radiocarbon cim in his boyfriend that new his limit. Maehara did not commitment what was going on, but Knowledge looked beyond sorry clean now.

But today, it was extremely aKrma more ways than one. I mean, he usually has a cool, composed, mischievous look on his face. Unable to hold back, he let out a small noise, a mix of frustration and pleasure, as his climax was building.

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