Decorating church teen rooms

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How To Design A Youth Room

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Teen rooms church Decorating

Our walls tell our story, and subtly nudge visitors to become a part of it. I am amazed at some of the deep conversations a leader and student can have sitting at the corner where two tden meet, all while a 7th grade boy is chuurch about the middle of the room. Every Wednesday night a parade of cars and SUVs wind their way down a dirt road to a house standing in a corn field. As they browse the photographs they see pictures of students having fun, interacting with caring adults, and going all sorts of adventures. How you decorate the room can play an integral role in the young people's ability to express themselves or view the room as an extension of their personalities, focus and culture.

The best ministry happens when a person is individually known and listened to. Scarcity breeds creativity, and so we spent many months talking about kind of environment we should create for our midweek programming.

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This special touch can hang on any wall—and will add a personal Dcorating to the other decor you choose. We are a comfortable sanctuary for young adults. When new teenagers walk into our space it is inviting it helps them feel like they are part of the group no matter where they are sitting, it offers places where they can talk with a leader or other students, and the pictures show what kind of community we are. Youth rooms should be a respite, an oasis, a safe place away from the other pressures of adolescence. For now the house itself serves as our offices and ministry spaces.

You get what you Deforating for or pray for. Wacky and Fun Let kids be kids by creating a room that is just for fun. Knit Lampshade Cover a lampshade with a knitted sweater—either one from your closet or a second-hand store. Purchasing the house, and the unfinished basement, gave us a blank slate to create a space for our group. Like any church, we had a humble budget to transform the space.

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