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There is a huge heach on the side for the most's beautiful and homophobic characters orgasm similar to the one in Rapelay. M tears an add-on. Room the heart why is over, you are totally untrue to the Hotel hoarding.

There are different variations of oral sex between the different female characters. There are two bars for two characters engaged in sex. For the male there is a blue bar, which can be filled faster than the other bar by clicking down and moving the mouse in a circular motion. There is a pink bar on the Watch sexy beach 3 for the player's avatar and female characters orgasm similar to the one in Rapelay. The pink bar can be filled faster than the blue bar by just clicking down on the right corner location, when the bar reaches the half point line let go of the left click and wait for the characters to change position then click down again.

In the interface where you can adjust clothes, there are tabs which you can adjust the hairstyle, accessories, nail color, and clothes. The items in these categories can be gained by going out with different characters and having more hearts. In the clothes tab there are various tabs for different clothing such as swimsuits and bikinis. The character can wear all the types of clothing up to the ones with the amount of hearts on the player's counter. Unlike previous Illusion games, the clothing items come in sets. In the accessories tab the player is able to add headgear, wrist items, rings, earrings, glasses, and skirts to the character.

All the characters are from previous Illusion games, but their graphics were updated. Bael Altarus Bael is a woman with short blue hair and purple eyes who is from Des Blood 4. She manages the Illusion hotel resort. She is playable in Sexy Beach 3 Plus. Esk Andersson The protagonist from the game Des Blood 4. She is a blond female character with two bows on her hair. Akagi Manami Akagi is a brunette girl with two short pony tails.

She is a character from Interact Play VR. Eo Eo is a blond female with short hair. Also in the graphics options before you start the game, on besch performance options tab, there is a setting for the maximum amount of lotion allowed. Set the amount to "maximum" to squirt a lot more. This is the best method for speed-tanning. Once you can no longer squirt any more lotion, try switching to another lotion and shift-clicking. Only a small subset of bikinis have liftabe bra. It is not possible to have the bra stay up for the bikinis in lotion mode, unless you mod the game.

Several types of lotions are available. Top to bottom in selection list: Sunblock - prevents tanning. White bottle, blue top. Soft tanning oil - tans slowly.

Esk Andersson The fraud from the combined Des Cloud 4. Guide that you can't do anything during this anonymous.

Yellowish bottle, yellow top. Tanning oil - medium tan. Brown bottle, yellow top. Oil and H are locked. Nighttime H at Hotel. To reach the next level, only the besch of dates in the current matters; Wath number of dates in the previous level or the total don't count at all. After having 4 level-2 dates, you need one more date specifically at Sunset to trigger the CG. The CG shows up after the Sunset date ends Watcn return you to the island map, and the only location you can select next is the bedroom can't even pick the lobby.

The bedroom has all the characteristics of the heart event except there is no heart, it requires a Sunset normal date to immediately precede it, and the CG is before the event. Then the next time you are at the island map with the girl, she gets cleared. Thus it is possible to obtain the Orginal clothing set without technically clearng the girl. In order to unlock the special date, you must use the correct girl at the correct location until you get scene. The girl will retain the clear status, the ability to wear swimsuits of any level, and the ability to date in indoor locations even before 3 hearts. Fei can only be played with in "ecchi dates" as she isn't available for regular dates, tanning, or fetishes, etc.

Clicking on it brings you into the clothing mode. You may change a girl's clothing unlimited times on a date. On the right side is the preview pane, while the left side is selection. The default button changes the girl into her default clothing. See Controls section for additional features. The top tabs are: For swimsuits, the side tabs separate them into the categories of: One-piece Separate Bikini Special Each swimsuit has its own heart requirement.

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Only girls who meet the heart requirement or has cleared can wear the swimsuit. Accessories are separated becah 15 locations: The items in Swimsuit and Accessories are color-coded by acquisition. Dark blue background items usually found at the top of lists are beaxh Default items worn by one sexu the girls, and can only be acquired by having picked the respective girl at least once doesn't have to go on a date. These do not require any hearts. Red and light blue background items are normal items. Red is for 5-heart requirement items, whereas lightblue is for the rest. Each date may give out multiple or 0 normal swimsuits when it ends. Oil sessions and H sessions give out exactly 1 normal accessory each when they end.

These are only obtained at the end of the 15th level 5 date with the respective girl. These always require 5 hearts. Swimsuits and accessories that have not been worn by any of the girls previously are marked as New.

Nail polish is split into two side-tabs: The top 3 slidebars adjust the color of the nail polish, while the next three slidebars adjust the gloss. Each girl has exactly 2 hair styles. The second hair style is unlocked at the end of the Level 3 event. Favorites allows you to save up to 12 combinations for quick access. The far left button is Delete, while the two buttons to the right are Write and Read. If you have installed the various addons such as Santa, Valentines, and Cosplay and also have unlocked all of the clothes and accessories, you can access the hotkeys to quickly put on the entire sets. Left click on default pressing any of the following keys.

Currently fastest confirmed lotion acquisition is 1 bottle every 3 lotion sessions basically one dayacquire all of them at the end of day 6. Each position standing, sitting, lying down has 3 different poses which she will randomly rotate between. This pose is automatically canceled if you move your mouse. Rub on the lotion to make it go away faster so you can apply more sooner. By using the hands to rub on the girl with lots of patienceit is possible to get the gloss effect out.

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