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Most you get the morals to do what we do for a vulnerable, you're always accepted. And that's what vaccinations Def Leppard crappy.

It's up to other people to see what they see. We're not overtly sexual in the sense that we go around wearing codpieces. It's like having a wank - you get 30 seconds of guilt when you've finished. For a girl to get backstage in the first place, she'd probably leppardd half the crew - and I'm leppsrd into sharing in that respect. We had one roadie who actually had a heart attack on tour with us in - he was a big, big guy and he was doing at least four or five groupies a day! Before, it took days to tell your penpal 'I just had Jimi Hendrix'. Nowadays, 20 minutes after you've zipped your trousers up, it's in New Zealand!

Somebody e-mailed me a groupie website that I was on, and there was somebody describing my tackle. It was flattering but completely fucking wrong - I'd be the first to say that I don't have a ten-and-a-half-inch dick! We've never really been that big in actually getting involved. I'd say with us, the groupie thing was much more voyeuristic. But there'd have to be a serious number of naughts in the figure if they'd want me to get my kit off.

Backstage Def sex antics leppard

I'm not a whore. Don't leave out bar mitzvahs and 21sts. You supply the PA and the lights, and we'll show up forquid or so. They're long and lean. Most of the Det, people se on about my eyes. When I was little, people wex to call me Ching Chong Chinamen in the days before political correctness. When I got older, they antjcs a positive feature. I don't want to get into it again because it will open up a whole can of worms, but I apologized profusely and it made me a better person. It was a mistake but it's something I learned from. The other biggest mistake I made was supporting Sheffield United because they're fucking useless. I'm not a kitchen kind of guy. I duct-taped them together just before we went on.

I didn't have any spare ones. I've had a few stupid incidents where things have been thrown on stage, but nothing that would put me off going on stage. It lasted me until Rick flew through the windshield and his arm was ripped off by the seat belt. Eventually, he realized that he could use his legs to play the drums.

He worked with Simmons to design abtics special custom-made electronic drum kit. The other members were very supportive and never thought of replacing him with another drummer. According to Joe Elliot this was a very emotionally-intense moment for all of them. It also remained in the album charts for about three years. It is said that Joe Elliot came backstxge with the title antucs the song while he was sitting in his apartment in London. He asked producer Mutt Lange for some sugar for his tea. Lange replied by asking whether Joe wanted one lump or two. I should say that this story varies according to different sources. Between and the band held numerous auditions to replace Steve Clark.

In Februarythe band chose Vivian Campbell. After it, the band started exploring different music directions and styles. One of the most unique accomplishments of the band was achieved on October 23th, — Def Leppard entered the Guinness Book of World Records by playing three minute shows on three different continents. The band decided to carry out this rather stressful and extraordinary situation in support of Vault Greatest Hits The movie is also available on DVD. I thought it was a very decent movie and I recommend it, especially for people who are very interested in knowing more about this awesome band. We have a strict rider when it comes to food, but no more than any vegetarian touring act would.

Like Morrissey strict, or normal person strict? We have two and a half vegetarians in this band. What's a half vegetarian?

Thank you for that. Tonga sweethearts after we did the vagrant, I was already using that part. Purely your eyes for a huge and squatting of Def Leppard and how you appreciate us.

Actually, two vegans and a lacto vegetarian, which means guitarist Vivian Campbell eats fish but not meat. Phil hasn't drank alcohol for almost 30 years, and he works out seven days a week, eight hours a day. So backstage, it's all about hummus wraps and cardio? Rock and roll, right? It was, well, let's just say a sensible business decision on our part. How can I put this politely? We were having a major disagreement with our ex-record label about the digital rights for our back catalog. We couldn't come to a mutual understanding that seemed fair for both sides. So we finally just decided to re-record all our hits.

We started with "Sugar" and "Rock of Ages," and I think we did a pretty good job. It's hard work trying to recreate something you did 30 years ago. Were you tempted to tinker with any of them? Maybe change a few lyrics or mess with the chord progressions? I've heard re-recordings by people who've done that, and I wanted to throw the iPod through the window. There's nothing worse than being let down by an artist you love. Here's a great example. Bless him because he passed away, but there's a guy called Andrew Gold. Back in the '70s he had a song called "Lonely Boy" that's just wonderful. When we were out on tour, it just popped into my head for no reason.

I was probably in Boise, Idaho at the time. So I went to download what I thought was the original, and I ended up getting a re-recording. It was like a crappy karaoke version! We tried to do it as closely as we could. We got the same sounds, the same key, the same tempo.

That was the idea, anyway. It's not like a live version, where everything's a bit looser and you've got the ad-libs and the slightly longer guitar solos and the crowd screaming in the background. We were very conscious of the fact that when people download our songs from iTunes, they want it to sound like they remember it. Any plans to re-do the videos as well? I think that would be pretty sad. It's easy to reproduce the sound and get it to match. But we can't go in a time machine and get rid of the wrinkles. We are Def leppard backstage sex antics we are. I'm 52, I'll be 53 in a few months. It would be ridiculous. If anything, we'd shoot a different version that has nothing to do with the original.

If you did a new and improved "Rock of Ages" video, would you keep the bit with the sword? Three months after we did the video, I was already regretting that part. I watched it again recently, and it looked like a huge phallic light saber. That whole walking down the drawbridge with a sword crap, none of it was my idea. We were young and naive and none of us realized yet that we could say, "No, no, no, no, no! I liked the "Photograph" video. It's way better in every respect. I'm pretty sure it had at least one glowing sword in it too. When you look back at that decade and the photographic and video evidence of your fashion mistakes, what still makes you cringe? There were one or two photo shoots that were staged and I wish we'd never done them.

But otherwise, I'm not embarrassed by much of it. We didn't have big shoulder pads or jackets with zippers in them. For us, it was torn t-shirts, torn jeans, and ripped up basketball shoes. We were a very sweat-driven band. Def Leppard's usually lumped into the hair band genre. Is that how you think of your band? Close your eyes for a second and think of Def Leppard and how you remember us. Okay, give me a second. Now think of Led Zeppelin. They had insane hair. Robert Plant was all hair and skinny jeans. He had hair down to his ass, and so did Jimmy Page. But nobody would ever describe them as a hair band.

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