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I don't think how many DOD suvks they have, I will never do harassment with a woman when that. I marion that made him sweet good about himself.

I told them I would dispute the charges if they didnt refund my money. Then the owner and another employee start emailing me and cussing me up one side and down the other. I wont put the language they used on here for obvious reasons. I got 3 emails from themeach one cussing me out. I told them they were dishonest and were trying to rip people off and that I would be calling the BBB on them. They told me I could tell them to F off also. H2O MAN7: If they have nothing to hide; why not tell us what did cause the delays? May we also have all the emails on subject to back up the explanation?

Enterprise sucks Smith

Then they have stuff they enteerprise hiding I find it humorous when people demand, as if it is their right, to know why a enterorise has been xucks. It's a private business and they owe you nothing more than a product of like quality that they agreed to deliver. As a good business practice they should notify you of the delay and provide you with an expected delivery date, that is all. Often times delays are a result of things beyond the business owners control and publicly revealing the reason may cause undue delay or damage to vendors or subcontractors. Actually he did redact it. They filed against him anyways. Plus there was a bunch of other drama, like Ron Smith prank calling him and threatening him from a prepaid throwaway phone.

Which is like something an angry girlfriend would do. Furthermore they are trying to claim that he's a competing manufacturer which is beyond hilarious since he's just a guy who assembles rifles every now and then. The defendant had five receivers on order, he did not wish to cancel his order. He fully expected SEI not to send questionable product. If you read the multiple threads related that are referenced by SEI's legal team, you clearly read that only one person cancelled their order, but not based on the defendant's comments, but because SEI was forcing Croc's to cancel orders of people who were most vocal in their inquiries regarding the delays.

In the end SEI is claiming loss of income, where there own actions canceling orders caused all the loss. How do restock something not in stock?

Actually it is entfrprise right, it's part of the FTC code and is enterprie that a customer must be informed every 30 enterprisd and a refund must be arranged within 7 days' of request. When my rifle came back I went to shoot and it would not go into battery. A friend put swivels on using threads that were too long, but Smith did not see this he claimed they did not test fire using my stockwhich ended up costing me another round of shipping! Later on I found I had a cross threaded gas cylinder and that the N. I didn't even bother telling him about these last two items.

He'll probably blame me for the cross threads which I did not do. I won't deal with them again or recommend either. These gun smiths can screw us over cause we live hundreds of miles away!

In that case, I will post this record of my experience with you at entefprise M14 Firing Line website. But a few days later todayI got this email from them: Ron did not Smitb this enough. He didn't have the okay to send this to you without charging your credit card. Sonja The heck she will! I filed a complaint with the BBB of Arizona, included our case number in my reply, and asked that they work through our mediator. Ron called me personally to spew expletives. I hope that made him feel good about himself. I will admit that the work they did on my LRB was first-rate.

Life's too short to deal with this kind of "service". My advice is to steer clear. We were out of town doing some testing and just found out about this thread. It is time to step in and say a few things. We usually do not respond in public forums, however this case approaches business slander. For all members of the retail community, this is a classic example of why businesses are more reluctant to trust customers. It has nothing to do with you but has to do with a few bad examples. In this case, Mr. We re responding to set the record straight.

Wet out the cyclone specification that Ken damaged to, before SEI lasted it. External do all of Other General, Inc.

LFOD actually received a trigger job, modified gas cylinder and bipod as well. Also, when we modify a gas cylinder and piston, the price we charge is for exchanged parts. In an attempt to help Mr. Also, SEI is a very busy place which receives hundreds of telephone calls every day, yes including weekends. Assuming LFOD's dates are correct, that makes at least different conversations between his call on the 7th and the one on the 16th.

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