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Several mainstream designers have made latex clothing. As fashions come round and round again, it would seem that PVC, latex and similar materials are appearing ruvber in mainstream street fashions as well as continuing to be central to the fetish scene. During that era, boots and garments made of PVC and vinyl were made and worn in public areas to some degrees. Latex look-alike materials[ edit ] PVC, vinyl and metal are two other shiny materials used for clothing from regular street wear raincoats to PVC hazmat suits and other forms of industrial protective clothing.

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Another common stereotype of is the image of a dominatrix wearing a skin-tight, usually jet-black, latex or PVC catsuit. Thus, wearers of skin-tight latex or PVC garments may be perceived by the viewer as being naked, or simply coated in a shiny substance like paint. A substantial industry exists to produce specialist latex or rubber fetish clothing garments for rubber enthusiasts. As with latex, these materials became more noted as fetish material in the s and early s.

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Latex fetishism sometimes involves Fetisu up in the material; looking at it tuge by sexual partners; or fantasies sometimes wearers of skin-tight or other latex garments, such Fetiah divers and workers wearing industrial protective clothing. Lots of latex or rubber clothes appear on websites such as eBay, and in recent years clothes made in PVC have been prevalent in young people's fashions, particularly in jackets, skirts and trousers. As with any costume, a rubberist can imagine themselves having a new identity, especially one that permits a different code of behavior. Motives[ edit ] One reason why latex or other tight shiny fabrics may be fetishised is perhaps that the garment forms a "second skin" that acts as a fetishistic surrogate for the wearer's own skin.

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