Celebrities over forty in bikinis

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Hollywood's Best Bikini Bods Over 40

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We gotta say that aging gracefully or not at all! Everyone has a wild side!

Ever since she corty dating her much younger beau, Casper Smart, Jenny exudes a youthful glow and body reminiscent of her "fly girl" days. Get out, get into your jacuzzi or take a last minute trip somewhere warm! Take a look at those gams! We have to admit, Ms. Her bikini bod is still rockin'.

Over forty in bikinis Celebrities

At least for Courteney, who recently petitioned to have her ex David's last name removed permanently from her moniker. We now know where Kim Kardashian got her bikinix for taking photos of herself in her bikini. We want you to feel your most confident and it starts with healthy eating! Let's start with Brooke Shields, who wowed at 49, in this itty-bitty green bikini in Mexico on New Year's in At 48, she sizzles in a barely there bikini. The day of love is finally here and we have some awesome tips on how to make your day great whether you be spending it with bae or your friends! At 43, she proved that women really can get better with age.

We bicycle you to go your most were and it shares with unique eating. At 43, she gave that does not can get better with age.

The horse symbolizes personal drive and passion as well as a need to be free! She also stays true to her brand -- Bethenny was spotted out and about strutting her tiny, taught bod in an equally teeny blue bikini. The Wild Side Have you ever wondered what your spirit animal may be? And who wouldn't if you had a body like hers? Well, kudos to her flaunting what her mama gave her.

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