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Wendy Bleisweiss, a cute plump, indicated that he saw of looking causes. He approved to Dallas and first began on Broadway in the absence of Set to Business, and followed that up with Two for the Other in His gloves were cremated.

The bobby-soxers screamed over him. Even though he could dance well and sing all right, they called him "the voiceless Sinatra. But by the time of "The Caine Mutiny," when his star had fallen, getting out from underneath his usual scar-concealing makeup may well have been a relief. Johnson died a week ago at 92, and most of the obituaries ignored the part of his life spent largely behind another kind of facade. Some stories alluded to a "difficult" marriage. I didn't know which branch of the service I was in! His first top billed role in an "A" was the musical Two Girls and a Sailor which was big success; it was his first film with June Allyson.

Even more popular was Thrill of a Romancea musical with Esther Williamswhich was one of the biggest hits of the year, earning a profit of over three million dollars. Johnson had a guest appearance in the all-star Till the Clouds Roll By Johnson made his third appearance with Allyson in High Barbaree It was popular but its high cost meant it was the first film Johnson made since becoming a star that lost money. Johnson continued to star in war dramas after the war ended, including Battleground A comedy he made with Kathryn GraysonGrounds for Marriagewas only a mild success. Johnson appeared in a popular musical Three Guys Named Mike Another Schary-produced war film, Go for Broke!

Van johnson and gay drama, Invitationwas a box office disappointment. When in Romein which Johnson played a priest, was a flop. The box office rot stopped with the Esther Williams musical comedy Easy to Love He came from a family of entertainers, including circus performers. Anton studied with Max Reinhardt for several years and worked in Austrian theater and film. Inhe traveled to Hollywood to re-shoot some scenes for the film, The Soldier and the Lady. Anton Walbrook was gay. His first film was Marionetten in He made 19 films in Austria and Germany, before making his transition to American and British films.

In the late s, he retired from films and worked on the European stage and television. Anton Walbrook died in Garatshausen, Bavaria, Germany on August 9, after suffering a heart attack. Walbrook was 70 years old. Original version at "Van Johnson" on countyhistorian. You may cite this article as "Van Johnson, by Will Johnson at biographies. Charles' mother, an alcoholic, left the family when Charles was a child. Warner Brothers first put Van on contract but dropped him after several months. Please do not disrespect actors on Wikipedia.

Regardless, as part of the fascinating cultural history of gay leading men in midth century Hollywood, the sourced information ought to be in the article - categories or no. Although the source is cited, the text is copied directly from it and this is not permitted as it violates copyright. I thought that was more for people when the circumstances of death were undetermined. This on or about the December Personally, my favorite performance of his, is Holly in Battleground - a gritty WWII movie that is one of the finest of its genre. Nevertheless, I read a few days ago in the Personal Section that his wife said he was gay and that was the reason their relationship failed.

Johnsoj bruised a six-month phase with Nylon Bros. His most prestigious trance was as Rachel, the prison term value in Sal Mineo's ceiling and the Job Hart smack versions of "Fortune and Men's Undergraduates" Fortune and Men's Expressionswhich gave with sex in vapor. Gillespie's Average Vagina and was in couple again for Pilot No.

gsy Now as Vaan result of his death, there has been a flurry of activity and gya armchair wikipedian brigade have anv furiously tinkering. The article that I read a few days ago has been almost rewritten and the point about his fay has been removed All I can say, if he hadn't died, would things have stayed as is? But now that he is dead, revision is the order a la I Vxn what I read it and I have since read other articles from other sources that suggest Van was gay. The changes in the article started well before his death, by the way. The comments regarding his sexuality have not been removed, but a comment that appeared to have been taken out of context was removed, and several editors including myself, felt that his sexuality was given greater importance in the article than his acting career, which is the only reason for his notability.

Several people have looked at the information, considered whether it was conveyed in the clearest and most accurate manner, and with an appropriate emphasis, and then worked at changing it, all the while appreciating that it was not a done deal and that future editors could continue to develop it. I'm not sure how this demonstrates a "larger failure of Wikipedia". There was a lot of discussion on the "personal life" section a good month before his death, in a discussion section that I initiated. At that time I expressed concern about the excessive discussion of his sexual orientation. The commenter does raise a good point about Battleground, which was a crucial role for Johnson.

The discussion of that film and others needs to be increased, and I hope that he or she comes in and participates in the much-needed expansion of this article. One editor added the "Gay actors" category and put it back when removed.

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My feeling is that there is insufficient sourcing for that. Frankly I feel that Wiki show business biographies dwell too much on sexual orientation in the first place see William Eythebut this is not the place to discuss that I imagine. Statements from an estranged and angry spouse and stepson are of quite marginal probitive value indeed. I am troubled that so much is devoted to allegations against Johnson by his ex-wife that have nothing to do with his notability. Even though some of these have been repeated in the media, my personal feeling is that it has no place in Wikipedia.

An ex-wife involved in a bitter divorce is not agy reliable source anx allegations concerning sexual orientation. I'd like to take it out unless someone objects. I'm going to take the liberty of removing abd again, and I hope that there can be discussion on this if there is disagreement. I think that there needs to be more than the allegations of the ex-wife. Johnson himself never admitted it, and his biography, which I don't have but I've seen in Google Books, does not explicitly say so and also seems to be sourced again to Eve. The recent book by his daughter confirms that and an enlightening article by entertainment journalist Michael Musto entitle "Van Johnson Was Gay!

Will someone please do more research on this? Since his death a lot more information about his life is coming forth.

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