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Wear it for Wilson

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Lovely workmanship in perfect condition. I am just old enough to remember everyone having to have one of these on their coffee table in front of their console TV. The color and gold flecks are are classic. This dish measures 9" across and is perfect.

Wear Vintage glass

It is signed either "SW" or "MS". A wonderful gift, Vintagge dish, or soap dish. But, I have been told that it is the musard Jar lid very hard to find and the sugar bowl. It is in the hobnail pattern, 5" tall and in perfect condition. This piece is hand blown. They are 5" tall. The stoppers have some light tiny chips at the ground base and one stopper has a crack in the base not broken out. It was hand blown and hand painted with enmaels and fired. The detail is wonderful. When made the oening was ground and there are some fine nicks from the process. But they are under the gold edge so they are makers flaws not really damage.

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This is a beautiful piece and an unusual color and shape. When I tried on the pair the model of which is Venus Eye Design V that were to become my frames, it was love at first sight! If you'll pardon the wer pun. Six years on, I'm still wearing the same frames which you've seen me sporting in gpass of my vintage Vintage glass wear photos, such as the ones in this post and love them even more now then when I got them back in the early days of In the future I may add a second or third, etc pair, but for now, one does the job just fine, and though coloured a plumy burgundy huethey go with virtually everything in my wardrobe, so there's really no need to splash out on others for the time being.

That doesn't mean, however, that I don't enjoy looking at different pairs of frames, be they modern or vintage, and likewise love seeing photos of yesteryear women who were also also spectacle wearers themselves. Mid-century eyeglasses were, to my mind, some the most stylish, creative, and flat out awesome the world has ever known, and even if you don't wear glasses yourself, it's hard not to swoon over them.

Over the years I've bookmarked a number of photos of vintage ladies wearing glasses it's always inspiring to see how they opted to wear their hair and make-upand in celebrate of my sixth anniversary of being an spectacle wearer, I thought it would fun to share some of them with you here today. All of the following ten photos are of real world misses, just like you and I, wearing glasses and looking thoroughly stylish in the process. Love her darling bow bedecked dress, too! I really like her classic pearls and the subtle scalloped waviness of frames.

A vintage chap would have had to have been downright bonkers not to have found all of these ladies every bit as lovely and appealing as their spectacle-less sisters. Sometimes, I think, glasses can even serve to further enhance a person's physical attractiveness this definitely applies to both guys and dolls - I adore a sharply dressed fellow in a classic pair of specs, don't you? Pretty much any pair of frames can have clear window glass or tinted sunglass lenses put into them, and if you find the notion of wearing glasses appealing, this is a route well worth considering.

Glasses are a fashion accessory and statement unto themselves, even if they're a medical necessity, and can really help liven up any face and outfit.

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