Indiana drag strips

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US 30 Drag Strip [Hobart]

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A view west down the track in … …and today. A small building stood at the head of the track east of the starting line, and a tall scoring and timing tower — painted orange for most of its life — stood at the starting line along its south edge. The city later turned down a group who proposed to reopen it as a drag strip that same year.

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Each year seemed sttrips bring out new thrills as drag racing pushed the envelope of automotive innovation. Without a strong national sanctioning body, the Indians 30 would struggle for the rest of the season. Hobart annexed the land and surrounding area inhoping to continue to cash in on tax revenues from the expanding commercial center around Southlake Mall. Grass and Weeds Originally Photographed: Wondering how such an item would end up in this odd spot, you look up to see two strips of weed-infested pavement stretching out a quarter-mile into the distance. The AHRA logo painted on the pavement between the twin tracks just past the starting line.

Drag strips Indiana

It tolls for thee. Dirt fields sprouted bleachers and concession stri;s, and stripps beautiful paved tracks with safety fences and elaborate pit areas. A factory may sit on the site of this little piece of history one day, atrips maybe a warehouse or more shopping, thus removing from the land another bit of Lost Indiana. Three generations of kids were permanently hooked on the sport by visiting the event just once. The operators of the track attempted to renegotiate their lease on the land but were not successful — the land owner saw the potential for a large residential development, and was eager to make it available to a developer. Piles of wood planks that made up the seats sit next to the metal frames rotting in the sun.

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