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Young people looking for a place to live

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Department of Justice estimated that there are 1, homeless and runaway youth under eighteen years of age in the United States. This means that there could potentially be almosthomeless and pregnant young women in this country.

For pregnant and parenting youth who are currently homeless or lack adequate housing options, there are various programs through local governments and private organizations that can provide housing and other services. Incorporating these programs into advocacy efforts is a great way to help address homelessness among adolescent parents in the United States today. Beyond providing shelter, housing programs provide the opportunity to offer many complementary resources and services for youth. Healthy Teen Network and Child Trends developed two resources on the core components of supportive housing— one resource defining and detailing what the core components include and a related report on findings from the field based on a national survey, phone interviews, and case studies.

Articulating core components based on what we know ensures success among pregnant and parenting teens utilizing supportive housing services that embrace them and helps set a standard for the field.

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The housibg of the core components provides guidance for supportive housing forr to meet the needs of pregnant and parenting teens by providing the supports and resources needed to help them succeed. Two types of supportive housing for pregnant and parenting teens include: Maternity Group Homes The most widespread option for homeless young housinv or families is maternity group homes, also known as Second Chance Homes. Maternity group homes are adult-supervised, supporting group homes or apartment clusters for adolescent parents and their children who cannot live at home because of abuse, neglect, or other extenuating circumstances.

These homes provide access to services such as child care, health care, transportation, counseling, education, job training, and employment assistance. The program provides a range of academic and personal supports including TASC High School Equivalency test preparation classes, tutoring, individualized counseling, parenting seminars, MTA Metrocards, and job preparation. The CFA also offers college and career readiness workshops to prepare participants for college enrollment and identify a career path.

Attaining a High School Hwlp HSE diploma, enrolling into college, increased familial engagement, and gousing gainful employment are all essential goals for the participants enrolled in the CFA. The colleges are in the process of recruiting He,p for the upcoming HSE prep cohort. To learn more, contact Sydney Kopp-Richardson at skopp-richardson shnny. Per Scholas Per Scholas is a national nonprofit organization that trains people over the course of weeks for life-changing careers as IT professionals. The Per Scholas approach encompasses integrated, free IT training, job referral and career development services, employer partnerships and other substantive support for economically displaced individuals ages 18 and older who have the drive and aptitude to succeed in IT, but not the skills or experience.

The school provides educational options for teenagers who have belatedly realized their interest in Career and Technical Education High Schools but missed the deadline to apply. The target student is 16 years old or in the eleventh grade.

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The school offers courses in carpentry, medical billing and coding, computer repair and more. All services are confidential and comprehensive. HEAT is committed to providing age-appropriate and culturally competent care for all youths —straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, from all ethnic backgrounds. The multi-ethnic professional staff provides services in English, Spanish, two dialects of Chinese Mandarin and CantoneseItalian, Polish and German.

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