How to grow cocks combs flowers

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Exact Process for Planting Cockscomb Seeds

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What makes Celosia such a unique flower?

The makeup of each blossom consists of numerous tiny flowers. Each of these flowers go produce small seeds, and too seed continually sprouting in the containers, with no need for you to do anything. You can, however, pick the flowers, dry them and bring them indoors if you wish. Caring for The Celosia Plant Considered easy to grow, Celosias will propagate themselves if left unattended, and they grow quite well with minimal attention. For best results, plant Celosia in full sun or partial shade 8 hours per day. Celosia does not tolerate the cold well at all. To grow well and thrive, fertilize once a month using a nutrient-rich compost or a liquid nitrogen fertilizer.

They bloom until frost, when they can be cut and dried. Strip stems of all leaves and hang head downward in a warm, dark place. This takes about two weeks. Flower heads should not be allowed to touch.

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Starting Vombs From Seeds To encourage the plants to propagate, fo the seeds and start them indoors. Bright and bold, cockscomb Celosia argenta blooms from summer until early fall. The convoluted flower heads have a shape similar to cauliflower. These annual flowers look garish in the wrong setting, so plan your companion plants carefully. They make excellent cut flowers that last a long time in the vase. They also dry well and can be used in crafts. The seeds that fall in autumn germinate in spring or summer, when the soil warms. Location Cockscomb needs full sun or light shade with organically rich soil that is moist but well-drained. You can correct soil that isn't rich in organic matter by working a layer of compost into the soil before planting.

A mass of cockscomb is usually too much of a good thing, so work it in among other plants in garden borders.

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When the nighttime grod are above 55 F, they are placed in a protected outdoor area for 4 hours a day. This time is increased 2 hours each flowees for 1 week and then they can remain outdoors. Moving Seedlings Outdoors The top of the peat pot above the potting mix is removed and the pot buried deep enough so the potting mix is covered with garden soil. Cockscombs are planted 8 inches apart and watered well after planting. Planting Directly Outdoors Cockscomb seeds are best planted one-half inch deep in a sunny location covered loosely with soil that drains well.

The soil is kept lightly moist until the seeds germinate. Covering the seeds with a sheet of spun polypropylene fiber can help keep the soil most. Once they develop two sets of true leaves, the seedlings are thinned, keeping the strongest ones in the garden.

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