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He also never played to Job O'Neill's output, Bell horrible freaky. Unless he can enhance it haannsons the only way he could have done that is if I had put it in the more pocket. Paulson, pleased in the back porch of the car with her thighs tried in front of her pretty, waited to escape until Hansen was scared masochist the airplane's cockpit.

Although Hansen had several prior run-ins with the law, his meek demeanour and humble occupation as a baker, along with a strong alibi from his friend John Henning, kept him from being considered as a serious suspect and the case went cold. Detective Glenn Flothe of the Alaska State Troopers had been part of a team investigating the discovery of several bodies in and around AnchorageSeward and the Matanuska-Susitna Valley area. The first of the bodies was found by construction workers near Eklutna Road. The body, dubbed " Eklutna Annie " by investigators, has never been identified.

Later that year, the body of Joanna Messina was discovered in a gravel pit near Seward and inthe remains of year-old Sherry Morrow were discovered, in a shallow grave near the Knik River. He contacted Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Roy Hazelwood and requested help with a criminal psychological profilebased on the three recovered bodies. Hazelwood thought that the killer would be an experienced hunter with low self-esteemhave a history of being rejected by women and would feel compelled to keep "souvenirs" of his murders, such as a victim's jewelry. He also suggested that the assailant might stutter. Using this profile, Flothe investigated possible suspects until he reached Hansen, who fit the profile and owned a plane.

On October 27,investigators uncovered jewelry belonging to some of the missing women, as well as an array of firearms in a corner hideaway of Hansen's attic. Also found was an aviation map with little "x" marks on it, hidden behind Hansen's headboard. When confronted with the evidence found Robert hannsons posted nude pictures of his wife his home, Hansen denied it as long as he could but he eventually began to blame the women and tried to justify his motives. Eventually, confessing to each item of evidence as it was presented to him, he admitted to a spree of attacks against Alaskan women starting in Hansen's earliest victims were young women, usually between 16 and 19 and not sex workers, unlike the victims who led to his discovery.

Known victims[ edit ] Hansen is known to have raped and assaulted over 30 Alaskan women. He is also responsible for murdering at least 17, ranging in age from 16 to He was also charged with the kidnapping and rape of Cindy Paulson. Spring Creek Correctional Centerwhere Hansen was incarcerated for many years Once arrested, Hansen was charged with assaultkidnappingmultiple weapons offenses, and theft and insurance fraud. The last charge was related to a claim filed with the insurance company over alleged theft of some trophies, whose funds he used to purchase the Super Cub. At trial, he claimed he later recovered the trophies in his backyard but forgot to inform the insurer.

Only after ballistics tests returned a match between bullets found at the crime scenes and Hansen's rifle, did he enter into a plea bargain. He pleaded guilty to the four homicides the police had evidence for Morrow, Messina, Goulding and Eklutna Annie and provided details about his other victims, in return for serving his sentence in a federal prison, along with no publicity in the press. Another condition of the plea bargain was his participation in deciphering the markings on his aviation map and locating his victims' bodies. He confirmed the police theory of how the women were abducted, adding that he would sometimes let a potential victim go if she convinced him that she wouldn't report him to police.

He indicated that he began killing in the early s. He showed investigators 17 grave sites, in and around Southcentral Alaska12 of which were unknown to investigators. Supernumeraries like Bob Hanssen do not commonly practice mortification. Members who are at higher levels of devotion, such as Numeraries, Numerary Assistants, and Associates are much more likely to practice mortification. This status requires that she maintain a vow of celibacy while remaining a layperson. Individuals like these two often live in special centers run by Opus Dei. They believe that inflicting pain upon themselves helps to remind them of Jesus' suffering on the cross.

It should be realized that the majority of Opus Dei members, like FBI spy Robert Hanson and his wife Bonnie, do not regularly inflict pain upon themselves, and there is no evidence to support that Robert Hanssen may have done so. Did Hanssen really take Eric O'Neill to a church bookstore and then to church? Robert and Eric really went to church together, and they did visit a bookstore at the church. Eric believed that Robert had begun a process to bring him into the Opus Dei religion. Was Robert Hanssen ever at Eric's apartment? Unlike what we see in the movie Breach, Hanssen was never at Eric's apartment.

He also never talked to Eric O'Neill's wife, Juliana pictured left. These scenes in the movie are purely fictional. In regards to the dinner scene in the movie, Eric said in an interview, "My wife and I were supposed to go to dinner with his family the week he was arrested. I never had that level of contact with his family," Eric said. Did Eric and his wife ever attend church with Hanssen and his family? The second church scene in the movie, where Eric and his wife go to Mass with Robert Hanssen and his family, never actually happened.

Did Hanssen really have a crucifix hanging on the wall in his office? He also had an icon of Mary on his desk. Everyday at four o'clock he said a Novena on his knees beneath the crucifix. He tried to get Eric to do it but Eric resisted. Did the traffic jam scene really happen? The scene where Eric uses his interest in Hanssen's faith to persuade him back to the SUV never actually happened. However, the real Eric O'Neill admits that he did take advantage of Hanssen's devotion, "I certainly used Hanssen's faith against him. I didn't feel bad about it, because he had already betrayed every aspect of his faith.

Wise accomplishes this through close contacts he has cultivated over the years at the CIA and FBI, in addition to interviewing the case psychiatrist.

Did Robert Hanssen's wife know that he was a spy? Inmore ihs two decades before Hanssen's capture, Robert's wife Bonnie found 10, dollars in cash in their home. Robert told her that he had given up minor and unimportant information for the money. Bonnie told him that he iwfe to confess his crime to a priest. A Roman Catholic priest told him that he should turn himself in. Shortly afterward, the priest phoned him and told him that he didn't pictuers to turn himself in if he gave all the money to a charity. The priest explained that doing so would absolve him of his nud. Robert did as the priest said. However, after he donated the money, he continued to work as an FBI spy for the Russians. Immediately after Robert's capture inBonnie was taken into custody and interrogated for eight hours.

She did not want to believe that the allegations were true about her husband, despite her memory of the incident when she found Robert's money over two decades earlier. In her interrogation, she told the FBI that she believed Moscow had blackmailed her husband. In an interview with The New York Times after her husband's capture, Bonnie said that following her husband's arrest, she had taken and passed a polygraph test regarding her knowledge of Robert's illegal activites not including the events from Hanssen exposed Polyakov to the Soviets inand Polyakov was executed for his crimes against Russia in Polyakov is pictured to the right.

Then on October 4,Hanssen mailed a letter that would eventually end up in the hands of Victor I. Cherkashin, the head of the Soviet espionage operation in Washington D. The letter alerted Cherkashin to documents that would soon follow. Over the course of the next three years, the Russian government executed both Valeri Martynov and Sergei Motorin. Boris Yuzhin was given a long-term prison sentence. Below is a copy of the initial letter that Robert Hanssen sent to Victor Cherkashin. Soon, I will send a box of documents to Mr. They are from certain of the most sensitive and highly compartmentalized projects of the U.

The raj, Rod Yount, alarmed by her yummy appearance, greater and picked her up. The plat can be read below.

All are originals to aid verifying their hks. Please recognize for our long-term interests that there are a limited number of persons with this array of clearances. As yis collection they point to Robrrt. I trust that an officer of your experience will handle them appropriately. How long did Eric work with Jude in real life? Eric was originally told that the investigation could last as long as one to two years, depending on when Hanssen made his next drop. I heard that Bob Hanssen was supporting a stripper, is that true? Her name was Priscilla Galey. Eric addressed this in an interview for the movie by saying, "The stripper, this had already happened and was no longer an issue by the time the movie focused on the investigation.

He certainly wasn't cavorting with the stripper I think Billy Ray, who was the director, made a very wise decision not to bring down the intellectual level of the movie by adding those quite bizarre elements. After watching her perform, he sent a ten-dollar tip to her dressing room, along with a note complimenting her on her grace and beauty.

Hanssen showered Priscilla with gifts, postedd credit card, and a Mercedes. As reported in Daved Picturez. Vise's book The Bureau and the Mole: Some time hanneons their return, she misused the credit card that he had given her, and he completely cut her off. Priscilla eventually ended up addicted to crack and involved in nide. Was Hanssen really obsessed with actress Catherine Zeta-Jones? He invites Eric to watch, asking Eric what he thinks of her. In a Breach interview, the real Eric O'Neill talked about Hanssen's real life obsession with the actress, "It came up that he had this Contrary to his seemingly conservative beliefs, Robert Hanssen did videotape himself having sex with his wife.

He watched the tape in the family den with his high school buddy and friend Jack Hoschouer. In the movie Breach, the filmmakers don't make clear who he is mailing the tape to, or if he has been selling copies of the tape. The truth is that he likely never mailed a copy of the video to anyone.

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The filmmakers merged the circumstances of the video with another real life event in Hanssen's life. Robert hannsons posted nude pictures of his wife had at one point taken nude photos of his wife, and he mailed the if to his friend Jack Hoschouer. Does Bonnie Hanssen plan wive divorce her ahnnsons When asked this question following her husband Robert's bude, Bonnie replied by saying, "I'll never divorce him. I love him and I'll pray for hansnons salvation of his soul everyday for the rest of my life. Only what appears to be two children playing hannslns the yard are shown in the hannsins Breach. This is because only two ppictures the Hanssen's children, Lisa and Gregg, were still Rovert at home in The rest were either married or away at college.

Robert is allowed to speak to them njde prison other than his immediate family, he is allowed no outside contact. Did Eric really spill water in order to hurry Hanssen out of the office? Eric never spilled water in Hanssen's office like his character does in the movie. In the movie, Eric does this as Hanssen is leaving to have his year photo taken. Was the year picture scene real? The fake photo shoot in the movie did not really happen. Thus, the filmmakers made up Hanssen's homophobic comments about the photographer as well. Instead of rushing out of the office to a photo shoot, Hanssen's superiors came to take him to the firing range, and they didn't give him a chance to say no.

This real life trip to the firing range is similar to the firing range scene that occurs after the photo shoot in the movie. Did the Palm Pilot scene really happen? I just had to drop it in one of the four, zip up the bag, and run back to my desk. In the movie, Eric Ryan Phillippe kneels down on the floor of Hanssen's office and begins to pray beneath the cross. Breach director Billy Ray chose to do this in order to emphasize how Eric used Hanssen's religion against him. After Eric is back at his own desk, the rest of the scene is true. Eric heard Hanssen slam his door and start to unzip the pockets of his bag to check for the Palm Pilot that he mistakenly left behind.

Did Eric really download the Palm Pilot himself? He actually took the Palm Pilot to a tech team located two floors away from Hanssen's office. He received a page saying that Hanssen was "in pocket", meaning that Hanssen was at the range, and it was safe for him to go. As Eric waited for the tech team to finish downloading the Palm Pilot's contents, he received another page saying that Hanssen was "out of pocket. Very few agents had been assigned to the case up until this point and hundreds were assigned after.

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