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If you want some text to appear on the survey start page below the Survey name heading, check the Use a custom start message and enter the text you want to use. Download the sample file Surfey the link below to see the survey working when you preview servide file in a browser. If you wish to use a different name when the survey is displayed on your web page, you need to check the option called show participants a different name and enter the name you want to use. Just drag and drop the various elements you want to use on your survey such as Free text which gives you question text and a text field for the visitor to enter their answer, or Multiple Choice which gives you a list of choices with radio buttons for the visitor to check.

This will display your survey questions in a "lightbox effect" panel in front of your page. If you Google around on the web, you will find many such services, such as the ones mentioned on the page at http: Choose the one you want or set up your own style by selecting the Custom option.

Button begin Survey bottom service

In the Survey options panel there are many options for your survey such as closing on a specified date, closing after a certain quota is reached, etc. Enter the name of the survey in the Survey name field - this will be the name which will appear in your list of surveys in your Dashboard after it has been completed. However, because for my sample I used the Slider Popup, the Markup Item can be used at any size and in any location on the page but it must be on the page area - so make it something like 10px square and move it to a blank, unused area of the page.

For the sample file attached at the foot of this article, I used the Multiple Choice option to create a list of all the actors who have so far played Dr Who in the TV series making sure I chose the "choose one radio " option in the popup belowthen I added some Free Text to ask why they prefer the actor they chose.

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