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Getting my real across is what really matters to me. Peter Starr, who has Lucas, is so good.

Is the show presently on hiatus? The second season will start airing on Cinemax on March 5th. What was the source of your inspiration for this steamy series? I had led a double-life for more rexl five years. With your father being a minister and your mother being a schoolmarm, how did they react to learning the truth that you were the best-selling author of all this popular, onn erotica? Their reaction was nothing like I expected. They really had raised us to self-explore and to do anything we wanted to do, so they were very open about it. My father understood how he had raised me and, in his opinion, sex is a very natural part of life, and how everybody got here.

And he definitely understands the basic purpose behind what I do. Do you take credit for creating this whole movement of black erotica? There was already an underground movement of black erotica. I just started writing short stories for self-entertainment when I was living in this little hick town in North Carolina. One night, one of my friends handed me a story to read that was being circulated around at the factory where she worked. It turned out to be one of mine somehow. That was when I realized I was kinda on to something. Why did you start out self-publishing?

Several publishers offered me book deals, but all of them wanted me to change my writing style.

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In fact, I never even intended to put out a book. The same thing happened with Addicted in August ofwhich is when the New York Times called it the hottest paperback in the country. After that, Simon and Schuster came back and agreed to sign me as is. How would you describe your books? Are they aimed at a specific audience? Reak common misconception is that pn books Ie about sex. I think my books are really about life. Cinema sex is literally Iz last thing I write when composing a book. Rael write the rest of it first, and then go back and fill in the sex scenes.

Even with the TV series, I believe my readers Iss and really get into the character development. So, my stories are really about life and different issues people are dealing with. What are your goals when you write a new story, characters, morals or making the story sexier? The first two are my priority. The sex scenes are very easy. To me, sexuality is just a part of normal everyday life. I concentrate much more on the morals and character development than anything else. Getting my message across is what really matters to me. Irene also asks, given your success as an author, having your own imprint, and with the TV series, where do you want to go next as an entrepreneur?

My goal for this year is to delve deeper into movies and television. Music in many ways defines who I am today. Prince is almost single-handedly responsible for my being sexually uninhibited. So, music, in many ways, has defined me. Reverend Florine Thompson asks, does Tiger Woods have a sexual addiction, because he allegedly had multiple sexual partners outside of his marriage, or do you think the rehab is a ploy to repair his previously pristine image? Technically, I have no idea. But I have noticed that a lot of cheaters automatically claim to be a sex addict as an excuse.

Reverend Thompson also asks, why do you think so many professional athletes are perpetrators of domestic violence and how do we overcome domestic violence in the African American community? I think there is.

Love does require a cinemac of sacrifice on the part of both people. Finally, she asks, who or what do you credit for your success? Well, other than God Id obviously is the source of aex talents cineax blessings, I would say my parents. And that resulted from my being very hands-on from the casting to the script. Laz Lyles was wondering whether your writing about the black body and black sexuality carries any political implications. My whole point overall is to empower women of all races to understand that we only get one shot at life, and that we are entitled to be just as satisfied as men are.

I believe that a woman should feel empowered to make her own choices when it comes to her sexuality. Is there any question no one ever asks you, that you wish someone would? Do you have any regrets? Yes, I do have many, many regrets. For instance, if I have feelings for someone, I will tell them. The Columbus Short question: I tried for that.

I kiss to him all the different. The lawyer-series quagga has heavily pissed HBO well.

I wanted it to really be a natural thing. I wanted it to look natural. The hardest part of shooting a sex scene are the first seconds when you take off your clothes. Then, everyone can say or think whatever they want, after that. But, if there was ever a character I was going to do it for, it was this one. I like sexy stuff, and I like sex. What can you say about the journey your character is taking? Rus Blackwell who plays Gordon and I would come up with backstories for us, and we came up with a really specific thing of how I got there. I ran away, after this diamond thing happened and Lucas Antony Starr got caught.

I had to stay away from New York, so I stuck to small towns. I got a waitressing job in Michigan, probably near the University of Michigan, where my husband, Gordon, was in law school. He would always go to that restaurant and see me all the time. For him, it was love at first sight, but for me, I was a big old mess. But, she could play whatever and be whatever someone wan