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Figure Drawing on Tuesdays, Halifax

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November 1,1: Matthew Webber Anna Taylor enters poslng room filled with chatty students foor in a semi-circle. She walks to the centre of the space as an instructor circles the room. All eyes move to her as she finds her spot and disrobes. They are typically nude, but clothed on occasion. Taylor draws on her experiences with performance and dance as inspiration for poses as well as her experience as an artist.

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Taylor says the most difficult arr of the job is not the nudity, but its physical demands. Taylor recently modeled as a victim of a bicycle accident, which required her to perch awkwardly over a bike for three long, clothed sessions totaling about 12 hours. Art education has a long history of using nudes and the legacy continues almost unquestioned. Provazza thinks all fine arts students should have some exposure to capturing the human form. This helps sharpen their skills of observation and precision. I live in Halifax, NS, Canada, and photograph within an a couple of hours of that city.

How much does a session cost? There is no charge to work with me as. The process is a collaboration, with the model contributing their time and enthusiasm, and myself providing my time, poing and more than thirty years of experience. What do you look for in model? I seek people who enjoy my work, and are interested in being part of it. A comfort with nudity, and their own bodies is crucial. Models should be in good physical shape, as sessions often involve extensive hiking, and physical exertion. Obviously, the most important element is an appreciation of my creative aesthetic. Do I have to be recognizable in the images? How long does a session take and what is involved?

Halifax Nude art posing for

Sessions can last from an hour to a full day. A first session usually begins with a series of portraits, to help establish a rapport between myself and the model s. From there, it goes where it will, depending on the setting, the model sand the position of the stars. What does I receive from a photo session? For each session, the model receives one or more finished original print one 16"x24", two 11"x14" or three 8"x10" prints.

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