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Another Cuckold Story Part 01

Dot then held the movie against her lower ball, approximately five years above her beautifully flopped cuckole and basic mutual. And I envisioned right from that he was fortunate on to her. But even more creative than showing her innerwear was starting her things that said her identity.

She storise show any emotion, but asked me who he was. I told her about Javed's background and praised him a bit. Javed was as handsome as they get. He was dark, but had a muscular body. His chest was covered with thick black hair and his stomach was flat unlike my potbellied one. He was very large man standing at 6'2". For a moment, Priyanka looked on the web cam and then turned away. But even I knew that Javed has struck a chord with my wife. It was Monday evening and I didn't get chance to chat with Javed till Friday evening.

I logged on Friday night just after we had finished dinner and started chatting with Javed. To my utter surprise, Priyanka walked in the bedroom and sat beside me. She was wearing a pink colored satin stoires gown. It was sleeveless and very transparent. Her breasts were almost half visible through it and she Sx not wearing any bra under it. So the shape of her breasts was quite clearly visible from the gown. I was sitting on the bed in front of my laptop as she sat down beside me. Her lovely black hair was open and spread on one side of her shoulders. I Sez towards her and smiled at her.

He was online now. He wants to know what you like, what do you eat, what you wear etc. Priyanka looked in my eyes and was a bit sharp when she replied. I wondered what I should tell her. Recently our chats had not exactly been platonic. He had expressed his desire for Priyanka's body and in so many words had expressed his desire to fuck her. He had expressed his desire to bury his head in her big breasts and suck them till she screamed in delight. And he had expressed his desire to fuck and pleasure my wife with his massive 9 inch thick cock till she screamed in pleasure. And I had had a raging hard on as I imagined Javed's massive cock buried deep in Priyanka's cunt.

He thinks you are absolutely sexy and hot woman. He wants to meet you socially. I noticed a distinct blush on Priyanka's face as I told her. Do you really believe that this rich handsome businessman really wants that? To my utter surprise, her reaction was very calm. She was looking straight into my eyes. Are you really serious about your cuckold fantasies? What do you do if somehow I want to turn them into reality?

Cuckold Sex stories

I swallowed and then replied. That's his name, isn't it? I rested my hand around her waist and then slowly kissed her neck. Her sexy half naked Ses were raising storids falling in front of my eyes. He is a nice person. I know that you have chatted with lot of men, sotries he is the only one you are stores chatting with. What is so special about Sex stories cuckold My wife […] Written by dslittlehavana, August 22nd, Storie story starts where I always wanted to see my wife riding another dick. So I planned a nice dinner one night at a local restaurant and then I was going to tell my wife about my fantasy.

We get to the restaurant and they were having a special on drinks so this was my […] Written by Ricky R, August 4th, While billed as fantasy, this is my true story. When I met my wife Rae, she was recently divorced and said she was sexually inexperienced. In no time she was sucking and deep throating my cock like a pro and loved the taste of come. She surprised me by getting her clit pierced which kept […] Written by bridget-bloedel, July 15th, My name is Bridget and I am presently married to a man named Edward. Things have been up in the air […] Written by amber, July 13th, Amber stood at the top of the stairs she had done this many times in her twenty years of marriage, but tonight would be completely different.

It was majoring to see my strength being photographed by another man. She was a go wife and good in sex, but shy and discreet when it came to her heroin outside home.

cucckold She likes to be called Bernie. I think most men and women at that cucklld were horny. The unofficial Christmas party, not sponsored by the company was about to begin. The company did throw a decent enough holiday bash; they reserved a cuckkold room at the Marriot Inn and filled it with a fantastic […] Written by PaulD, February 21st, My wife and I had recently moved into an sfories complex that offered many amenities. Our favorite amenity was the swimming vuckold. Our apartment was a short walk along a tree and flower lined pathway. She was cuxkold loving wife and good in sex, but shy and traditional when it came to her clothing outside home.

Despite being friendly with others, she never flirted or even came close to that with others. She never wore revealing clothes and never allowed anyone to talk anything inappropriate with her, not even mildly adult jokes. So despite being a friendly open person, she was also in way reserved and inhibited with others. But she was quite free with me about sex. We could speak about anything without any reservations. After all we had been married for over 8 years. She was 30 and I was We lived in Mumbai. I work in an IT company and Vidya works in a call center as a receptionist.

I did not know how and when it started, but slowly I started getting an urge to see her flirting with other men and slowly that transformed into an urge to see her having sex with another man. I had expressed that to her and she was initially shocked. That was years ago. But slowly she got used to it and I was able to get her to alteast roleplay about it during our sex sessions.

This went on storjes years. Sex stories cuckold had no qualms or uneasiness in playing cuxkold my fantasy and would cuuckold call me with a name of known person while having sex. I always found it too hot. This also seemed to trigger off her orgasm, each and every sotries. I realized she also does get turned on by it. After a point I wanted to take it to the next level — to see it happening in real. But Vidya was dead against it. I used to chat a lot and made a lot of online friends with whom I shared this fantasy of mine, of course with a fictitious identity of mine. I used to enjoy chatting about it ,especially with one of my chat friends.

He was quite a enthusiastic, yet a non-pushy kind of a person. He had nice, interesting erotic ideas and yet a decent trust-able person. Akram was a businessman from Mumbai. He had lot of construction business in and around Thane. He was quite rich and had lot of powerful political connections.

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