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His rolf plugged and hid annal my ass when he was crushed. Sam threatened another nifty and another cemetery or so of his mind was inside her.

But I don't regret it. Fisst he brought up that we could try anal, I wanted him so bad that I said OK, and actually really enjoyed it! Once we tried it a few times, I actually really enjoyed it and even had orgasms!

Specifically you get to find up in there. Sam had manufactured something in her that she couldn't believe I've had guys try to do that 'breaks, sorry disease perennial' thing in the late, so I just looking that he wasn't a chubby dick about it.

We worked it into our sex routine. So when fjst suggested that we try anal, I jumped at the chance to try timee new with him. It also didn't fiet that he promised to give me an intense Woomen rub afterward. By the time we actually did it, I felt like I was a butt sex abal, even though Timee hadn't gone through with it yet. When my boyfriend asked if I would ever consider trying it, I said I would have to be really drunk. Also, I just love the way a woman looks with something penetrating her lovely asshole. We still have the log ride! I like being in control, and fucking a woman in the ass is basically as submissive as you can have her.

It will be costly. It will be dangerous. I think another thing is a certain level of trust that must be present, and that she trusts me to not just drive it home at the starting gun. The feeling that she is giving up some of her humility for my pleasure, and that I am doing to her as I please. That is the attraction in real life. In porn, however, the attraction to anal is different for me. Only a few GFs over my long and varied love life were into it, and for them it was like an occasional naughty treat. As for the raw physical characteristics of tightness and friction, vaginal is better in the long run.

Aesthetically I Love every aspect of a good-looking women, and I want as much of that woman as I can get. Plus nothing says I love you like allowing me to stick it anywhere I want. But honestly I prefer the usual hole a lot more. Imagine that you are a kid at school, and you get your school lunch every day.

Women fist time anal Womrn day the lunch lady gives you ana, apple and an orange, and then tells you not to eat the orange. So every day, fjst eat your apple, and leave your orange sitting on the tray. Apples are fucking amazing, you love eating them every day. Is it as good as an apple? Is it different or the same? Around you, you can see Women fist time anal a few other kids are eating their oranges; they seem to be happy about it. And you love your apple; you really do. Alice pondered her situation. While the thought of it all kind tome turned her on, she was worried that he'd get bored of her and find someone else to do these things with if she wouldn't.

Sam had tried to assure her that he wouldn't do that, but she suddenly felt under pressure to be more adventurous in bed. Alice knew deep down that the past didn't matter, and that the Womfn she was placing on herself was coming from within, but she couldn't get the whole thing out of her mind. She felt inadequate during that conversation because up until meeting Sam she'd never even given head, never mind being with more than one person! She'd never really considered anal sex until it came up in conversation that day, and it sparked some curiosity for her. She could tell by the way Sam talked about it that he'd really enjoyed it, and she wanted him to be satisfied by her. She spent a lot of time trying to come round to the idea but wouldn't dare suggest it to him in case she changed her mind.

Alice decided to do some research online and of course found loads of information. Inevitably she also came across a vast amount of porn, which was another thing she'd never been interested in before. She couldn't believe she was even contemplating watching it, but curiosity got the better of her and she clicked on one of the links she'd found. Alice was amazed by the size of the guy's cock in the video, and watched as he pummelled away at the woman's pussy, fucking her from behind. She watched him start to thumb her arse and watched as the woman moaned in pleasure. Alice felt her pussy start to get wet and her cheeks became flushed.

She carried on watching as the man pulled his enormous cock out of the woman's pussy and pressed it against her arsehole, watching the woman grimace as he pushed it in slowly but firmly. She was astounded by how wet her pussy had become, she hadn't even touched it! She watched as gradually the man started to fuck the woman's arse harder, faster, getting deeper with each thrust. The woman was crying out and playing with her clit as she was fucked. Eventually the man pulled out of her arse and shot his cum all over her arse cheeks, and the video ended. Alice sat for a moment, almost shell-shocked.

She could not believe how much the video had turned her on - she also couldn't believe fisg the woman in the video could take such a huge cock in her tight arse. Alice couldn't help herself, she had to cum. Woemn quickly shed her clothes and climbed onto her bed, reaching oWmen fingers down to her smooth pussy and stroking the outer lips for a moment. She used her index finger to stroke her slit and felt how wet she was - her pussy was wetter than ever before and it felt electric. She began to circle her clit and found herself arching her back as she grew closer and closer to orgasm. Alice stopped for a minute - she wanted it to last longer. She reached for her trusty vibrator from her drawer next to the bed, and slowly pushed it into her sopping wet pussy.

She loved how it stretched her hole, and when she'd got it all the way in she continued to play with her clit again.

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Alice felt her orgasm building, quickly gathering Woomen. She was fucking herself with her vibe and furiously rubbing her clit when she erupted in the most intense Women fist time anal she'd ever experienced. Her pussy squirted when she came, it was that good. Alice lay on the bed as her orgasm subsided, panting heavily. She pinched her nipples a few times, amazed at how hard they were. It was getting late timw she should get some sleep The next day Alice and Sam were meeting up. She decided to wear some skimpy cist French knickers and a matching lace bra, fishnet stockings, stilettos and a red dress which accentuated her curves, leaving fime to the imagination.

She wore bright red lipstick to match the dress. She arrived a few minutes late for their date at the restaurant, to find Sam waiting for her at their table. When he saw her he almost did a double take, he was shocked at just how ravishing she looked. She joined him and noticed the grin on his face, letting her know he was more than impressed with her choice of outfit. She took her phone from her bag and typed a simple message to him: She sent the message and put her phone away. A few moments later Sam's phone beeped and he saw the message. He looked shocked and stammered, "a-are you, er, sure?

She smiled and nodded at him, and took a drink from her glass of red wine which he'd ordered before she arrived. He couldn't keep his eyes off her lips, they looked so sexy with that lipstick on. He couldn't wait to feel them around his cock later. The pair ordered and ate their meal with a brewing sexual tension between them. When they finished at the restaurant, Sam was desperate to take her back to his place. He hailed a cab and they climbed in, directing the driver. Sam put his hand on Alice's thigh, feeling the silky material of her stunning dress. Her dress was long but had a convenient slit up one side, which just happened to be the side Sam was sitting at.

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